This technique was developed by Tony Buzan in the seventies. He studied how our

brain works and tried to give learning a similar structure. He compares the

creative power of our brain to the global net (internet) but he points that our brain

has more advantages:

– More power

– Faster

– Efficiency to generate his own information

– More parameters

The question is: How to connect ideas to make them more efficient, more creative

and learn faster. The mind maps connect your inside with the world around you.


– It doesn’t matter if you draw well or not. The images are just for you.

– Enjoy: use the colours you like the most, the kind of

images/drawings/letters you prefer. And forget about if they are or are not

well done.

– Be focused: don’t care about the others’ work as you are doing yours. As you

get more focused the ideas will come to your brain easier.


– To create connections among concepts.

– To have all the information and the possibilities in just one page.

– To work easier through a project in a group: the others can visualize my

ideas and I have a structure to communicate them.



1- Conquer the CENTRE: so your brain can go in all directions.

2- DRAW an IMAGE to symbolize the principal idea.

3- Use COLOURS: because they stimulate your brain and convert the work into game.

4- CONNECT: place the key words and concepts around the centre.

5- Use WAVES. Straight lines tire the brain out.

6- CHOOSE the word: use just ONE CONCEPT per line. Be convincing and conclusive and give freedom to your ideas.

7- Use lots of IMAGES. One image is more powerful than one thousand words.


2 Comentarios Agrega el tuyo

  1. Muchas gracias por esta información, la verdad que es bueno conseguir sitios web como este, ahora mismo iniciaré un trabajo que se relaciona bastante con esto.

    1. evagbp dice:

      De nada 🙂 es un resumen de un minilibro del propio Toni Buzan. Un saludo


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